About Me


Tatiana Tensen loves Los Angeles and she loves her job. As a top producer for Sotheby’s  International Realty, she combines expert negotiation skills honed in her decade plus  career in the entertainment field with extensive knowledge of Los Angeles history and  architecture. As a third generation agent, real estate came naturally to Tatiana. She is a  certified negotiation expert and experienced as both a listing agent and a buyers agent.

As a listing agent, Tatiana knows the most crucial decisions are made prior to the home even going on the market. With extensive knowledge of the local markets and market trends, Tatiana will strategically position your home to sell quickly and for the most money possible. She does this through advising you on preparing you home (staging, etc.), pricing your home and marketing your home. Her past sales speak for themselves.

As a buyers’ agent, she is a neighborhood matchmaker who specializes in introducing people to the Los Angeles real estate market. Whether you are a lifelong Angeleno who is diving into the real estate market for the first time or an experienced buyer who is now buying in Los Angeles, Tatiana will be your guide. With most homes getting multiple offers these days, Tatiana shines by out-negotiating the competition during bidding wars while making sure her clients do not over pay.

Tatiana lives in Los Feliz in a 1912 craftsman home that she and her husband, Sam, are carefully restoring and renovating. They share their home with their wheaten terrier / poodle mix named Pepperoni and are very active in the community. Having spent the first half of her life between New York and the midwest, Tatiana is honest and upfront while being patient and friendly. In addition to be a real estate agent, she is an accomplished artist and a former contestant on the Price is Right.

Contact Tatiana if you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you with any of your real estate needs.

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Select Solds

  • 213 Vestal Avenue | Echo Park

  • 2358 Lyric Avenue | Los Feliz

  • 3072 Belden Drive | Beachwood Canyon

  • 1942 Lemoyne | Echo Park

  • 634 Salem St | Glendale

  • 1302 Coronado Terrace | Echo Park

  • 3048 Division St | Glassell Park

  • 2150 Moreno Drive | Silver Lake

  • 1954 Pinehurst Road | Hollywood Heights

  • 4727 Townsend Avenue | Eagle Rock

  • 2534 Park Oak Drive | Los Feliz

  • 1428 Westerly Terrace | Silver Lake

  • 1225 Manzanita St | Silver Lake

  • 1564 Talmadge St | Los Feliz

  • 2011 N Alvarado|Echo Park

  • 1446 Lake Shore Avenue | Echo Park

  • 1308 Oberlin Drive | Adams Hill, Glendale

  • 3008 Marathon Street | Silver Lake

  • 1931 Ivar Avenue | Hollywood

  • 1732 North Bridgeport Drive | Mount Washington

  • 3941 Eagle Rock Blvd. #38 | Eagle Rock

  • 1926 N Normandie | Los Feliz

  • 2753 Waverly Drive #509 | Silver Lake

  • 2825 Elm Street | Cypress Park

  • 7812 Colgate Avenue | Westminster

  • 4401 Bowman Boulevard | El Sereno

  • 23202 Via Calisero | Valencia

  • 6074 West Studio Court | Hollywood