LA Home Buyer Bootcamp

LA Home Buyer Bootcamp

2019 is shaping up to become a buyer’s market.

Let's make it the year you buy your first home.



All your real estate questions answered.

Now that Los Angeles home prices appear to be dropping and 2019 is shaping up to become a buyer’s market, maybe it’s time you buy your first home? 

At my stress-free, private, everything-you-need-to-know in one hour or less home buyer bootcamp, I have been helping others buy their first home with great success. For example, see here. And here. And here.

At the bootcamp, we will talk about what the market is like right now, neighborhoods where you might see the highest return, how to get started on a savings plan, whether you’re a year away from buying a home or five years, and those pesky multiple offer situations. Plus anything else you’d like to know!

You will also receive a 20+ page first time home buyer booklet that's an awesome reference manual during this process.

Want to make it a group thing? Maybe with a coffee or a cocktail? Bring your friends along!

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And best of luck on your home ownership journey!



The first step to owning your first home starts here.